Our son attended Noah’s Ark from 2009 to 2012, and we could not be happier with the school!  The staff was exceptional, they made him feel so welcome and always involved us as much as possible.  He absolutely loved his time there and is sad that he will not be returning this year because he starts kindergarten!  We were truly blown away by how much he learned, he loved to come home and show off what he learned each day!  The fact that at 4 years old he knew the alphabet in sign language was amazing, and the science experiments that were done, well lets just say the kids and parents both enjoyed them!  They always nurtured creativity and taught him responsibility and caring for others.  Noah’s Ark wasn’t just a preschool, but a family!  The holiday programs and special events are something that we will always remember.  It is truly delightful to see your child so excited about learning.  We are not sure what to expect from kindergarten, but Noah’s Ark sure has set the bar high!

The Horist Family

As a first time mom, where to send my daughter to preschool was a hard decision because I, like all caring parent’s, want to give her child the best. As a mom and as a professional I had visited several preschools both for the purpose of finding one for my daughter but also as part of my career working with children. After having sent my daughter to Noah’s Ark for two years of preschool, I can confidently and reassuringly say that Noah’s Arc is so much more than your typical preschool! It is a truly special place! They offer a solid curriculum to prepare children for Kindergarten in an environment of love and safety. The children are exposed to early Science, Art, Math, Reading, Music and Christianity. This is learned through a variety of hands-on experiments and projects, stories, field-trips and incredible teacher knowledge and support. In addition, when leaving my daughter there for class, it felt like I was leaving her with family. It is obvious that the teacher’s genuinely care deeply about each child. They also provide endless opportunities for the parents to be an active part of their child’s preschool experience. I recommend Noah’s Arc to anyone looking for a good preschool. Our next child will go there as well! It is a wonderful place for any child to begin his or her educational career.

Stacy Rogner

We would highly recommend the quality of the Noah’s Ark Preschool program to all our friends. Our experience at Noah’s Ark has been above and beyond what we ever expected in a preschool.  The teachers provide a rich nurturing environment filled with music, rhymes, art, circle time and more. The teachers have taken a very personal approach to developing each child’s learning skills. This has given them the confidence and independence they require to make a smooth transition to kindergarten.  We would also recommend the Noah’s Ark Plus for the 4 year olds as it provides a safe and fun environment for children to learn to interact with their peers and build a foundation that will carry them throughout their education.  We believe that the first step in making your child a lifelong learner should begin with Noah’s Ark Preschool.



We are so grateful that we chose Noah’s Ark Preschool for our son. The teachers are very knowledgeable and dedicated to the students. The curriculum allows for plenty of fun and playtime while also introducing skills the children will need to prepare for Kindergarten. One of our favorite things is the teacher talk at the end of each day when the teacher provides a recap of the days activities.

To anyone considering Noah’s Ark, we would recommend signing up for the Mom and My School program when your child is 2 years old. You will be able to see firsthand the way the school functions in order to see if this school is a good fit for your child. We would also recommend the Noah’s Ark Plus for the 4 year olds which was a great extra day of learning to our son’s week. We have wonderful memories of our time at Noah’s Ark.

Carrie & Joe Holtz

I’ve known Mrs. Terri for more than 20 years when I began teaching preschool in 1991. My children have been attending Noah’s Ark for the past 5 years, and we’ll be at Noah’s Ark for at least 5 more! Through teaching preschool myself, I’ve seen and experienced many different early childhood programs. There’s no doubt…Noah’s Ark is the best there is. I’d never consider sending my children anywhere else. It’s an amazing Christian program with amazing Christian teachers. They love my family, and we love them!”

Mary Smith